In order to obtain permission to receive a work visa in the “O” or “P” category, an application must first be prepared and filed with the Department of Homeland Security.
Whether you are the U.S. employer, individual artist, or performing group, E-AK Visa Services gathers and compiles all information and materials required for a specific application, prepares and submits the application to the Department of Homeland Security, monitors its progress while it is being processed, and provides guidance throughout the embassy appointment phase.
When you contact E-AK Visa Services, you reach me, Elise-Ann Konstantin, directly. I provide my clients with personalized one-on-one attention throughout the entire visa application process. I work closely with my clients to keep costs as low as possible, while at the same time providing first-class service.
My clients include large commercial organizations, small not-for-profits, solo presenters, large dance troupes, theatrical companies, colleges, museums, circus troupes, orchestras, and individual artists such as musicians, actors, singers, directors, dramaturges and designers.
E-AK Visa Services are not immigration attorneys. Information provided is not intended to be legal advice. For questions concerning immigration law, please contact a reputable immigration law firm or attorney.
Please contact me to discuss your particular circumstances.