Established in 2007, E-AK Visa Services specializes solely in the preparation of “O” and “P” artist work visa applications.


In order to obtain permission to receive a work visa in the “O” or “P” category, an application must first be prepared and filed with the Department of Homeland Security.
Whether you are the U.S. employer, individual artist, or performing group, E-AK Visa Services gathers and compiles all information and materials required for a specific application, prepares and submits the application to the Department of Homeland Security, monitors its progress while it is being processed, and provides guidance throughout the embassy appointment phase.
When you contact E-AK Visa Services, you reach me, Elise-Ann Konstantin, directly. I provide my clients with personalized one-on-one attention throughout the entire visa application process. I work closely with my clients to keep costs as low as possible, while at the same time providing first-class service.
My clients include large commercial organizations, small not-for-profits, solo presenters, large dance troupes, theatrical companies, colleges, museums, circus troupes, orchestras, and individual artists such as musicians, actors, singers, directors, dramaturges and designers.
E-AK Visa Services are not immigration attorneys. Information provided is not intended to be legal advice. For questions concerning immigration law, please contact a reputable immigration law firm or attorney.
Please contact me to discuss your particular circumstances. 


Contact me directly at or (914) 912-8134.
I look forward to speaking with you.


As the General Manager of a large and complex regional theater, one that must operate within the parameters of multiple collective bargaining units to present international works as well as Individual artists from across the globe, I can attest that I would not want anyone other than Elise-Ann and E-AK Visa Services LLC working on my behalf to secure our ability to include these artists in our repertory. In each of the numerous occasions that we have needed her services, I have been so grateful to Elise-Ann for her thorough base of knowledge, resourcefulness, experience, and clear communication style. Throughout the entire process (initial inquiry to confirmation of approvals) it is clear that the needs of the company, as well as the needs of the artists were paramount. I would (and have!) recommend/ed E-AK Visa Services to anyone who is in need of visa services for their personal and/or business needs.
Hillary J Hart, General Manager, Guthrie Theater – Minneapolis, MN

Having worked with E-AK Visa Services to procure work visas for multiple international artists on various projects, I wholeheartedly recommend Elise-Ann Konstantin for prompt, professional, and supportive services during the entire process. Her background in the entertainment production field makes her uniquely qualified and efficient at knowing the critical importance of expediting red tape in order to get performing artists onstage on time.
Jason Kantrowitz, Luminous Ventures Ltd.

I have worked with Elise-Ann around securing approvals for work visas for performing artists in the U.S. since 2007. She has always provided a prompt and professional service, making every effort to find answers to even the most difficult of questions. She is a pleasure to work with and I am delighted to recommend her services highly.
Fenn Gordon, Senior Producer, Performing Lines, Australia

We have engaged the services of Elise-Ann a number of times. She is thoroughly professional, efficient and explains clearly every step of the process. Elise-Ann responds to queries, no matter how big or how small, speedily and graciously. I would recommend her without reservation.
Mary Dullea, Fidelio Trio

I had he pleasure of working with Elise-Ann Konstantin to secure Visas for a performance our museum co-presented with a local cultural partner. In the past, I had a very bad experience with a visa coordinator and was really worried to jump into the visa world again. But working with Elise-Ann was entirely different – she is highly communicative, knowledgeable, friendly and demonstrated a high level of professionalism as she led the artist, her technical team and me through the processes involved. I have the utmost confidence in her abilities and I will definitely work with her again!
Gina Basso, Producer, Performance & Film, SFMOMA